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We provide off-shore data entry, data conversion and e-publishing services.

We have executed complex data conversion projects, delivering structured data from various data formats, scanned images as well as paper. We have acquired significant expertise in Data Conversion.  We have expertise in De Duplication of catalogs, Address Banks especially those in need of more than a standard machine review.

Our Focus is always Attention to Detail


Data Entry Services

E-Publishing Services


  • Our team can enter data as required by the customer either from Scanned Images or from a Hard Copy in paper. 
  • Data Capture of the contents to be published.  Data capture can be a mix and match of Manual Data Entry and OCR conversion based on the source data.   (Pure Text, Scientific Text etc)  
  • We are equipped to do data entry as it is from the source or add value by making extra entries based on the data available.  
  • Format the contents based on the publishing style using software as mandated by the customer. We can use SGML and XML encoding with DTDs for verification.  
  • We supplement the verification process of the data entered by our own special verification software.  We write verification software for each customer based on the business rules of the data.  
  • Proof reading the material for both form and content.  
  • We provide data entry services to customers in USA, Malaysia and Australia.  We can commit turnaround of next working day for US customers, taking advantage of the time difference between US and India.  
  • Our choice of publishing platform is XML. We can make use of any of the other  publishing softwares like Frame Maker, Quark Express or prepare in PDF format.
  • Our data entry staff have under graduate degree qualifications from Indian Universities with English as medium of Instruction.
  • We can also use LaTex for data entry, based on the needs of the customer.

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