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We have executed diverse software projects in the areas of Internet Traffic Collection, Internet SLA measurement, Supply Chain Management,  Computerization of Academic Institutes and Web based search and retrieval of Legal Database.

 We provide on-site as well as offshore services for Contract Programming.  

 Operating System and Software Platform Expertise:  

Application Expertise:

         Oracle Database Backend, Design, PL/SQL Programming, Performance enhancement.

         Oracle Developer Programming

         Perl, PHP, Javascript Programming.

         Linux, SUN Solaris, IBM AIX

         Solutions using Free to Use Software like Apache, MySql, Postgres, Tomcat Application Server and many others.

         Java Programming, JSP

         Visual Basic, ASP  


Internet Traffic Measurement Package using SNMP, ORACLE, JSP/Javabeans for ISPs
Internet backbone response and loss measurement using ICMP for ISPs.
Programming for search and retrieval of Large Volumes of Text Databases like Legal Caselaw Data.
De Duplication of Data like Address Bank
Data Conversion across Formats like MS-Word, Excel, XML, SGML, RTF, Postscript and many other.
Test & Performance Assessment with Skill Evaluation package for Multiple Choice questions.
Software quality testing 


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