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S. Ganesan, Chief Technology Officer

Ganesan started Blaise along with Arun. Ganesan is responsible for leading Blaise into the future by focusing on the overall strategy and technical direction of the company.

Prior to establishing Blaise, Ganesan was working for CMC Ltd, Mumbai, India’s leading software company and then with Spectrum Business Support Ltd, Mumbai in a Senior Management position. That experience gave him the perspective and business insight needed to run a Software and IT Enabled Services organization.

Ganesan holds Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. His core strength lies in understanding customer’s business needs and adapting to new technologies very quickly. He continues to use his technical background to bring innovative solutions to the customer's business needs.

Ganesan has in depth understanding of Oracle Server and other Oracle Tools, as required for an implementation in a Small to Medium sized organization.  He has a unique expertise in large data handling, particularly text data and has insights on data conversion across multiple formats.

C. Arun, Chief Operating Officer

Arun is an organization man, and has been a pillar of strength to Blaise from day one.Arun was working for Mukand Ltd, Mumbai in their IT department. His position in running the IT operations in Mukand provided him valuable experience in running Blaise as a Software Services organization.

Arun holds Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics. Over the years, he has developed the unique ability of developing Internet based applications with ease. He has an excellent track record in man management and administration tasks.

Arun has good understanding of Oracle Server and has managed Large Databases. Arun has good understanding and problem solving ability on implementation issues and interfacing with operational people to solve implementation difficulties.  He has specialized knowledge of text searching methods and data conversion techniques.  

B.V. Shankar, Vice President (Operations)

Shankar has a rich experience in IT industry and he has in-depth understanding about domains like manufacturing, finance, production etc, and an excellent understanding of database management systems.  Understanding customer’s concerns and responding to customer's needs makes him a critical pivot in the success of Blaise. 

Shankar holds Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Working in both implementation, support and development, he has been responsible for projects  as diverse as many ERP modules, CAD Implementation, setting up an ITES support.  This background has given him an ability to understand client’s operational and technical needs and provide timely and cost effective solutions. Together, his experience and expertise provide Blaise's customers with the assurance that their needs will be understood in depth and translated into clear and complete technology solutions.

D. Saloman, Vice President (IT Enabled Services)

Saloman has rich experience with large service organizations in the utility sector and understands the day-to-day operations of the service sector. He joined Blaise in January 2000 to define new service offerings in IT Enabled services.

Saloman holds a MBA degree from Indian Institute of Management (Calcutta) and a B.S. Mechanical Engineering.

Saloman with his rich experience brings a combination of business and technical skills to the task of establishing and running an IT Enabled services division.  Highly skilled in identifying multiple alternatives for problem solving.  As a hands-on man he has excellent ability in problem solving of implementation and operations issues. His significant strength is in interfacing with operational people at the customer side as well as Blaise to solve operations issues.

P. V. Raja, Manager (Programming Services)

Raja started his career at Blaise and has over four years of experience in Oracle and PL/SQL, Oracle Developer tools. 

He has in depth understanding of free to use softwares like Linux, Apache, Perl, PHP, Javascript, MySql and Postgres. He has excellent customer focus and problem solving skills.

Raja holds a Bachelor's  degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is a young face of Blaise, and has tenacity to solve customer’s problems.  He has keen interest and commitment to understand and assimilate new technology / new techniques.

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