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Blaise Information Systems (Blaise) has acquired over the last ten years of operation significant strength in large data handling.  

Of specific importance are the following:

                     Capability to handle large volumes of textual data of unstructured nature and convert them into structured data and in the process eliminating duplicate data.

                     Conversion of data across multiple formats.

                     Significant expertise in Oracle Database and Oracle/Developer tool.

                     We have executed many projects using Free-To-Use software basket of Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP, Postgres, Perl etc.

In all the places where we have executed projects, we are known for our commitment to the job on hand as well as exemplary support.   Our core strength is in understanding the business needs and customer expectation of any software/ITES project and a clear focus in implementing technology to fulfil user expectations.

We have given below some specific projects undertaken by blaise, to illustrate our capability.

1.   Data Handling:

(a)    CLJ Legal Network Sdn Bhd, Kualalumpur

CLJ Legal Network ( is a legal database service provider in Malaysia. As part of ramp up of the database they had over 10,000 case law files in RTF format and another 20,000+ files in Adobe PageMaker format.  These files had differing formats and styles which changed over a period of time as well as general arrangement of the document.

We undertook the challenging task of converting all these files into a structured format (SOIF) similar to XML within a demanding schedule of six weeks.

A thorough analysis of many samples and by using a fuzzy logic based on Style, Form and Content, we accomplished the task in stipulated time. The solution was not a one shot approach.  Our approach was to go in for incremental improvements right from the first week onwards, and on the way adding significant fuzzy rules to the program, which in the end resulted in us converting successfully all the 30,000+ files. Out of these less than 30 files could not be processed entirely by our rule set, which required manual editing to the file to process them as well.

Simultaneously, we developed the application for CLJLN for Search and retrieval of the Case Law and Legislation Database, providing Full Text as well as Fielded Text search.  Today CLJ Legal Network is among the few successful sites providing Legal Database services in South East Asia.

For further details on the data conversion process for CLJLN, click here:

(b)    Dun & Bradstreet, Singapore

D&B Singapore was looking after bringing into its fold the Philippines country Data.  The data kept at Philippines was in MS Word Format and they had over 15,000 files.  We had problems of varying styles, form and data presentation.  The time limit to convert these files into a Database was less than two weeks.  In this process we also need to remove duplicates, where the names could be mis-spelt or transposition of first name and last name etc.

Using our experience to build rapidly on an iterative basis we accomplished the task well in time and was appreciated by D&B for our excellent efforts.

For further details on the data conversion process for D&B, click here:

(c)    National Credit Systems, Atlanta, USA

NCS is a Collection Agency based at Atlanta, to whom we provide regular data services.  As a value addition to our data services we regularly provide with them potential duplicate entries using fuzzy checks, checking the current data with historical data.  We also identify possible errors in telephone numbers in the hand written scanned documents based on specific rules.   We have allocated dedicated resources for NCS to ensure that data volumes upto a particular level received on a given day will be completed by next working day.

We have been providing the off-site data entry services to NCS from August 2001 onwards.

For further details on the data entry for NCS, click here:

(d)    Others

Some of the other customers to whom we are providing data services currently are Northbang Corporation Sdn. Bhd. and to Mr. Tushar P Shah on behalf of ASHA, an NGO based in USA.

2.    Large Data handling

(e)    Cable & Wireless Global, USA

Internet Traffic Data Capturing and Reporting

C&W has carrier class IP Network spread across the world with main concentration in North America and Western Europe.

We had developed an application for Traffic and other performance Metrics data collection using redundant, optimized, distributed collectors spread across Network.  These collectors send the collected data to a central Oracle8i database server every fifteen minutes.  The data collected everyday is in many Giga Bytes.   

The principal challenge is to compress the data to the extent possible, and aggregate the data which is 100s of GB everyday, within an acceptable time limit.

We achieved a time of less than five minutes for loading fifteen minutes of incoming data and about fifty minutes for end of day aggregation of data.  

By looking at the abnormal dips closely, we implemented 64bit counters for data collection and eliminated data glitches causing abnormality.

One month rawdata is kept in the database. Summary tables at every levels are built each day for data mining.

Internet Performance and Loss Measurement (SLA)

We also developed a system to measure roundtrip time and packet loss SLA for C&W.  ICMP packets are sent from each C&W node to every other C&W node.  This node to node ICMP packets are sent every six seconds and the results are collected real-time to a Central Oracle8i database server for presentation on the net (   This application has facilities for updating in two redundant databases (in two different machines) and facilities for switching the database used for Web presentation from one to another under five minutes.   

3.    Web based projects

EdMaster is an Educational web site (, which was operating in Malaysia providing Testing and Evaluation Services on the Web.  We did the total turnkey project including data preparation for EdMaster

4.    E-Publishing

(a)    Current Law Journal, Malaysia

We have prepared over 10 years of previous years journals from 1981-1990 at our off-site location at Chennai.   The source was the hard copy of the journals, which needed to be re-entered, proofed and formatted using their current style sheet.  Simultaneously an XML like soft-copy was also prepared to enable publishing on the Internet.

After preparation of the basic journal, to enable printing and binding requirement, we developed a software which prepares the pages in the order required (signature) by the printer/publisher.

(b)    EdMaster Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

As part of our project, we provided complete data preparation services for EdMaster Sdn Bhd, Malaysia.  This task includes co-ordination with content preparation team and data entry, scanning, verification and finally preparing the data ready for publishing on the Net.

5.    Other projects

We have developed and implemented a complete ERP package using Oracle Database and Oracle/Developer tools for Metrod (Malaysia) Berhad, a Copper Wire, Rod and Strips manufacturing company, which includes module for Metal Trading.   We continue to provide off-site maintenance, off-site support and need based on-site services to Metrod.

We also computerized the operations of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), many years back.  Our work at ICAI is notable because of the introduction of Computerised Information Systems in the Institute for the first time, amidst high resistance to change.

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